Illinois Plumbers’ Insurance

Plumbing is hard work and it certainly does not come without its share of risks. Whether replacing a toilet, installing a new water heater, or digging for a new 6-inch drain, plumbers find themselves in situations every day that could end in accident or injury.


As a plumbing professional in Illinois, you need comprehensive insurance coverage that protects you, your crew, your vehicles, your tools, and your clients. You work hard every single day — don’t let one mistake or accident turn life upside down.


We create personalized insurance packages for plumbers in Illinois, based on their unique needs. Plumbing insurance can provide:



We work hard for our clients to ensure they are fully protected. Call us today at 773-725-6767 for a free quote and to learn more about our options for plumbers’ insurance.

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General Liability

Businesses of all sizes should have general liability insurance. Every business is a huge investment and should be protected from the damages of liability claims.

Workers' Compensation

Having workers’ compensation insurance will help ensure that your employees are healthy and happy. More than this, though, a healthy and happy worker will provide more value to your business.

Commercial Vehicle

The options are endless when it comes to insuring a vehicle. At Handzel we make personalized recommendations and ensure you, your employees, and any company vehicles are fully protected.

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