Messenger Service Insurance

As a business owner, you may choose to specialize in package delivery services – this allows you to deliver and transfer your goods, letters, or various other documentation safely and securely. Most often, commercial companies choose to utilize package delivery to ensure the arrival of products purchased online from retailers and wholesalers. However, like anything involving your commercial venture, there are still risks involved.


We can put together a messenger insurance policy that protects various lines of your business, including:


  • Commercial autos owned by your company
  • Lost or damaged cargo
  • Medical expenses for employees hurt on the job


Purchasing messenger insurance coverage for your company can help to safeguard your business from losses resulting from accidents or incidents involving your company’s vehicles, employees, or hired contractors. Furthermore, in addition to providing coverage for the actual vehicles, medical expenses and legal fees incurred as a result of an accident, messenger insurance can also include specific coverage for the cargo being delivered due to an accident, covered peril or damage by others.


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