Safety and Security Tips for Sensational Summer Breaks

Are you looking to make the most of warm summer days with a trip away? Then in addition to your packing list, it may be worth spending a few moments to check on safety and security around the house. While a home policy with your Chicago insurance company may assist after a break-in, taking a cautious approach is certainly a wise option.

Visible mail items for instance, are a sure-fire indicator to potential thieves that the property is empty. While the local post office may hold your mail if you are away for just a few days, you might ask a neighbor or friend to collect items for you.

The best way to deter thieves may be to ensure the home looks lived in, so you might ask your neighbor to step inside for a few minutes each day, to give the impression people are coming and going. Another useful aid is timer lighting. Set a light (visible from outside) to come on in the early evening and switch off around bed time. Finally, turn off all other unused appliances at the power point and remove any perishable items from the refrigerator that are unlikely to last until your return.

Home insurance policies may assist in the event of theft and various other perils, but it’s always essential to read individual contracts to be sure of your specific coverage. For advice or information at any stage, simply give your Chicago insurance company or your agent a call.

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