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Home Insurance in Chicago for Identity Theft

Individuals are wise to take precautions against identity theft. It’s a growing trend and for those who fall victim, it may result in more than a little frustration. It’s worth knowing that the right type of home insurance in Chicago may assist with costs to resolve the matter, but prevention is a much preferred option.

The term identity theft refers to the theft of personal information such as your birthday and social security number, which is then used to open bank or credit card accounts. Alternatively, it may just be the theft of a credit card number which is then used to make purchases. To help avoid identity theft, it’s a good idea to take basic precautions.

In the first instance, avoid keeping both your ID and social security number together in your wallet. It’s also essential to be wary where you dispose of documents that contain personal information. Bank statements and credit card offers in particular should be shredded and disposed of in different bins. Do be wary when shopping online and ensure the payment pages are secure. Scan all credit card statements to keep a check on all transactions and an eye out for anything suspicious.

Finally, if you are interested in identity theft insurance, phone your Chicago home insurance agent. Basic precautions now may prove invaluable in the future.

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