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Make a Home Inventory So That Making a Claim is Easier

Crime rates in Chicago are showing an improvement, according to information in Chicago Police crime reports. However, that is no reason to get complacent about your safety and the security of your property. You still need to be proactive about your insurance and measures you take to protect yourself and your valuables.

Have you, for instance, made a home inventory that lists everything of value in your home? Could you, if you haven’t, make that list in a stressful situation – i.e. for a police report after a burglary? Stress and trauma can do all sorts of strange things to your memory, and you might find that, at a time when you need that detailed recall, you are unable to remember where things were, what they’re worth, or any of the things you are going to need for the police and your home insurance claim.

Making an inventory doesn’t take long. You might find that your insurance agency has blank forms or software you can use to facilitate the process. The main thing is to ensure that you list everything of value. Include photographs, serial numbers of electronic goods, purchase receipts and valuation certificates – anything that can help to identify an item or prove its value.

Call your Chicago insurance agent to see if they can help get you started with forms, software or other suggestions. Use making an inventory as a way to get all your paperwork in order so that your policies, inventory and all the paperwork relating to your personal items are stored together for easy access.

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