Builders’ Risk Insurance

There is a window of time after the ground is broken on a new construction project when liability falls squarely on the shoulders of the general contractor (GC). If a crane falls, a worker is injured, or the work is faulty, it’s the responsibility of the GC to provide compensation.


If you are a general contractor, the good news is that this liability ends when the project is completed. In fact, the GC is only responsible for any liability if negligence is found to be the culprit.


At Handzel, we can provide you with comprehensive and affordable builders’ risk insurance coverage. It can be customized to cover a host of tools, equipment, and skilled employees in addition to the actual structure being built. That way, you can focus all of your attention on your new construction project, rather than worrying about a potential claim against you.


Don’t start your next project without builders’ risk insurance — call us today for a free quote and to ask any questions you may have about getting covered in Illinois.

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General Liability

Businesses of all sizes should have general liability insurance. Every business is a huge investment and should be protected from the damages of liability claims.

Workers' Compensation

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Commercial Vehicle

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