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Celebrate this special holiday with the country and bring your family closer with our Illinois Life Insurance!

Do your children know about how Dr. Martin Luther King changed America as we know it? If not, it is important to teach them about the struggles, achievements, and love this man had in his heart for all mankind. In addition, you can show your children that you would do anything to protect them by having coverage you can trust for years to come.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Martin Luther King’s birthday is being celebrated today and was this past holiday weekend. If you are interested in his road towards equality, here are some locations across the country to consider showing your family:

Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama
Stretching across the Alabama River, this bridge was where officers and citizens confronted one another on the right to vote on March 7, 1965. The event influenced King’s march to Montgomery, which led directly to the Voting Rights Act.

National Constitution Center in Philadelphia
Visitors to the center have the opportunity to see the contributions that African Americans have made throughout history via the main exhibition, The Story of We the People, which illuminates the trials and triumphs of African Americans throughout history.

The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, Michigan
Named after Maya Angelou’s poem, And Still We Rise is a 20,000-square-foot exhibition showing a number of stories about people who have overcome great obstacles.

The Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee
The motel where King was assassinated is a museum unto itself. The National Civil Rights Museum includes the Lorraine Motel along with the nearby building where assassin James Earl Ray fired his shots. King’s room is exactly as he left it before stepping out on the balcony to his death.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C.
If you hit Washington, D.C., you’ll not only take in 200 years of human rights struggles, but you’ll end at the site of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. And if you want more King coverage, there’s always the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site in Atlanta. The site includes his childhood home, his tomb, a family museum, and his father’s church.

At Handzel & Associates, we hope that everyone understands what Dr. King did for the country and a people. In addition, we encourage you to show your kids the importance of history and carrying on a legacy of respect, love, and equal treatment. If you are concerned about the future of your loved ones, then you need our Illinois life insurance for support!

Having our policy for your family is an important investment to have because it will help you prepare in advance for a time when you may no longer be around. We can help you streamline the process of selecting the perfect insurance solution. From our term to whole life insurance, our options can meet the needs of your lifestyle. So don’t hesitate, take action and have our Illinois life insurance so you can help your family continue to follow their dreams!

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